“ What exactly does SME &MID markets involve? What you do on a daily basis? ”

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to Laura P. SME & Mid-Markets Graduate, Lloyds Banking Group

SME & Mid-Markets Graduate, Lloyds Banking Group

I've answered a question very similar to this but not sure if you'll be able to see my historic responses. So your placements are split into Product, Credit and 2 x Coverage. In Product you learn about the kind of products that we provide to our clients (anything from cash management, to FX to trade loans etc); you have a coverage placement in SME and one in MM where you work in a relationship team that supports those client sets. Then in credit you learn about the risk aspect of financing products and our credit appetite etc.

On a daily basis - very much depends on your placement. I work in SME currently in the MD's office an I get involved in a variety of things including the communication strategy to the front line, recognition, transformational change etc

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