Rebecca E.
Finance Graduate
Job category Banking & Finance
Type Graduates

About Rebecca

Key Experiences

From studying Maths at Leicester to being on the Finance Grad Scheme
I studied Maths at the University of Leicester from 2013 - 2016 and in this time, I also completed a year abroad at California State University Long Beach. In the summer of 2015, I did an internship with LBG in the CMU Cost Partnering team up in Edinburgh. From doing this, it led me on to securing a place on the Finance Graduate Scheme starting in September 2016. Initially I was in Cardiff in the Consumer Finance Cost & Investment team for 10 months then moved on to working in Group Corporate Affairs doing Transformation Communications. I've had a great experience over the past year and can't wait to see what my next 2 placements have in store!

Current Position

I do internal and external communications for Group Transformation
I am currently working in Group Corporate Affairs, specifically doing communications for the Group Transformation division. This entails both internal and external communications such as press releases, interchange articles, tweets and HUB articles. I also get to speak to many colleagues across Group Transformation and journalists too!

Main Motivations

Getting to know all the exciting projects going on in the Group
As part of my role, there is a lot of variety and involvement in different teams across Group Transformation. From this, I am lucky enough to get to know all of the different, exciting projects going on with lots of emphasis on what the Group is doing for customers with vulnerabilities which is really rewarding. I get to write up these projects into press releases or interchange stories that help to enhance and protect the reputation of the Group.

Top Advice

Being out of your comfort zone will be worth it in the long run!
Some teams you work in or roles you have to do may be completely out of your comfort zone initially but I promise you as much as you may not enjoy it or may worry about it, it most definitely is a good thing as this is when you learn the most. It will help you to learn and develop your skills that further down the line you may need!

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