Jessica T.
Project Manager Apprentice

About Jessica

Key Experiences

A levels to Project Management
I left my A-levels with all my university offers and an unconditional offer to my uni of choice so why did I pick an apprenticeship?

Lloyds offer paid on the job learning while also earning a level 4 project manager APM-PMQ certificate. From this two year scheme you learn and develop new skills which create the perfect start to your career. The apprenticeship offers so many opportunities which can not be missed, like building a network to help with upward progression and the skills to get you there. They really do push you to be the best you can and in the end create a successful permanent member of the Lloyds banking group.

Current Position

Project Manager Apprentice
In this role I have four placements which show and teach me the some of the most important aspects of project management like PMO, Delivery and being a project manager. As I am an apprentice I have extra learning on the side to get a project management qualification at the end of my scheme to help make this my permanent role.

Main Motivations

Helping to create the changes we see in the bank
From the nature of my role I get to see lots of the projects that Lloyds work on to help be the best bank for customers. Its very rewarding when your project goes live and you get to see your wok in action for example the new notes that are being introduced. Its also very interesting as you get a better understanding of how many stages and processes are put in place for things like this to occur as before I never really thought about how much contribution to projects like the new notes.

Top Advice

Be open and be willing.
Being open to new challenges and opportunities, which may not be what you expect at first could be something that turns out great. Its really important to open yourself up and be willing to try new things even though they may seem challenging or dull because the rewards you get could be massive and help create new and better opportunities for yourself.

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