Heather M.
Emerging Talent Assistant Manager

About Heather

Key Experiences

From Emerging Talent Programmes to an Emerging Talent colleague
As a third year at Strathclyde Uni I knew that I needed some solid business experience before graduating. I successfully applied for the Summer Internship at Lloyds Banking Group and haven't looked back since!

I was so impressed with the development focus and opportunities that I could have in the bank that I accepted an offer on to the Group Services Graduate Scheme beginning in 2017. Since then I've worked across IWCD Business Delivery and Group Reconciliations in change team roles. They were a great insight in to how our customer facing functions work and the complexities of delivering changes that may initially seem quite simple.

I'm now on my third and final graduate placement within People and Productivity as an Emerging Talent Assistant Manager and loving it so far! This is a completely new challenge for me but it's great to have input on journeys that I have been on.

Over the course of my journey at Lloyds I've learned to prepare for the unexpected and embrace all challenges with an open mind.

Current Position

I work on delivering our Emerging Talent strategy
As part of a team spread across the UK I'm working on our onboarding journeys for Interns and Graduates as well as branding and attraction for our Emerging Talent programmes.

This means that I spend a lot of time thinking about what has been done previously and how we can improve year on year to provide an even better experience. Having also gone through the Intern and Graduate programmes I can input my own personal experiences to give more insight in to how we can improve.

From a branding and attraction perspective there is also lots for me to be involved in. I've initially started on our social media pages as well as filming for our apprenticeship campaign. This is a really exciting area for me as a Marketing grad and I honestly never thought I'd encounter a role like this in the bank!

Main Motivations

Working with great people to do great things for our people
I'm very driven by seeing how we can help people to realise their full potential through our Emerging Talent programmes.

Especially as a university student it can be very daunting to begin a professional career with little to no insight in to how to excel in a workplace. I believe that our programmes set students up with the right tools and development opportunities to truly fulfil their career goals.

With that being said, we are always looking for ways to improve so that we provide a greater experience. There is a constant focus on doing the best that we can with a positive mind-set which makes this a fantastic place to work.

My team - although geographically dispersed - is very connected. They are a fantastic bunch who are always willing to listen or help.

Top Advice

Grab opportunities with both arms
As an intern or graduate there is so much potential to get involved in extra activities so make yourself stand out and give you a greater breadth of experience.

In my previous placements I was kept very busy with my day to day work but I always made time to work on extra activities that aligned more with my future career aspirations. I knew early on that I wanted a role with a greater people focus as I love to help people grow and develop. As such, I kept an eye out for opportunities that would allow me to use that side of my personality.

In my last role I was able to plan the Group Services Intern induction, take on line management responsibilities for a scholar on her first Summer Internship and host two Remploy candidates as part of the Group's Disability Work Experience Programme. These experiences were definitely highlights of my last placement and they demonstrated my commitment to a future in People and Productivity.

I confidently put myself out there to take on these opportunities and now as a result I have a great foundation of knowledge for my role in Emerging Talent.

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