Kyle E.
Emerging Talent Assistant Manager

About Kyle

Key Experiences

From studying Economics at Aberystwyth to become a LBG Operations Grad
1. Joining Lloyds Banking Group as my first employer - I have had a fantastic 10 months with the company so far and I can tell this is only going to get better and better!

2. Joining the People&Productivity part of the company - I feel it's exactly where I fit in!

Current Position

I work within the central Emerging Talent team
I have recently joined the central Emerging Talent tem, and will be lending support to help achieve the GSR3 deliverables. Within the "People&Productivity" space so far I have experienced the opportunity to control and own oversight of Group Services Apprenticeships, as well as providing support for the management of events for the LEAP and ASPIRE development programmes.

Main Motivations

My current role exists right in the middle of amazing people aspects!
I very much enjoy my role within the "People & Productivity" space as (going back into my history a little bit!) I was very much attracted to applying for the 2017 HR graduate scheme within LBG. Unfortunately, I did miss the deadline and ended up applying for a different scheme instead. My current role seems to draw upon the 'fun side' of HR, which is exactly where I see my future going.

Top Advice

Keep pushing and never give up; persistence and proactivity are key!
It is very easy to get quite a few doors closed in your face, whether it be from university applications, job applications or even deposits on flats. What isn't easy is learning how to do with these unfortunate events and ensure you come out on top. It is a good skill to have to be able to bounce back after a slip and ensure success is eventually achieved; falling down is not the issue, but staying down definitely is.

Greatest Achievement

Organising perfect handovers when my entire Division was restructured
During the disbandment of my previous Division, I was in charge of overseeing Group Services Apprenticeships and regularly contacted relevant Business Leads within each business unit. With the disbandment upcoming, each business division was being cut up and moved to a brand new Division. I was able to ensure each business lead transitioned into their new area before the disbandment with the correct contacts going forward. I achieved this by linking in with the correct stakeholders and hosting individual handover sessions.

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